• Learning Sign Language, especially at an early age, has been proven to have numerous benefits. It can help to with communication and social skills and helps to improve confidence.
  • It encourages children to adopt inclusive attitudes for the future.
  • Both deaf and hearing children can learn together, alongside the teacher in a relaxed, fun environment without segregation.
  • Primary Sign is easy to use, fun and effective.
  • Students can access accounts from home as well as in school.
  • Supports family learning at home and language development Students can access accounts from home, as well as school and Sign Language has been shown to actively help with language development.
  • Learning Sign Language may open more opportunities in the future, from making new friends to potential careers.
  • Primary Sign encourages group work.

Use Primary Sign to raise money for your school

Once you have a subscription activated, you are free to use it throughout the school as you wish. The software can be used as individual sessions, alongside other lessons, as a teaching aid or as homework.

There are no limitations to the number of courses your school may operate during your annual subscription and schools can decide if they want to charge for these classes as after school clubs, for example.

Please note that the resources should not be sold as products by schools or individuals. They can be freely distributed as learning aids or homework in connection with courses or classes.